• Five Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Managed IT Services

    When you enter into a managed services contract, your IT functions, such as on-site technical problems, security, back-ups, infrastructure support, and/or more, are outsourced. To fully analyze whether a managed services contract is a good solution for your small business, consider these five benefits.
  • Tech Mistakes Your Small Business May Be Making

    Due to time and budget constraints, small businesses often fail to keep up to date with the latest developments in technology, including necessary maintenance and combating ever-growing cyber-security threats. Here, we examine three frequently-made technology mistakes that put small businesses at risk and recommend IT consultants who can help mitigate such potential future damages.

  • Strategies for Successful Female Entrepreneurship

    This article explores strategies female entrepreneurs can employ to find success when starting their own businesses.
  • Lead Generation Ideas That Never Fail to Generate Revenue

    To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, companies must genuinely connect with their customers in unique ways that provide value beyond the face of the product or service sold by the business. The businesses that do this well are the ones that often outpace their competition. Read on to learn how you, too, can flush your client roster and increase your profits without resorting to an uncomfortable, and potentially ineffective, sales pitch.
  • Top Tips for Growing a Lasting Business Brand

    The trick to effective business branding is creating a persona that resonates with your dream customers, is distinctive and compelling in their minds, and consistently reflects the brand’s selected features so as to remain consistently recognizable. This article includes top strategies to help your business strike this balance to create, maintain and grow the best brand possible for your company.  
  • Motivation to Start & Maintain a Productive Remote Workday

    With many businesses operating at least a portion of their activities online in the advent of the Coronavirus, we’ve dedicated several of our recent posts to effective remote workplace strategies. Here, we address channeling the motivation to start and maintain a productive workday. If you are wondering about some of the core tenets of remote working success, this article provides suggestions for steps you can take to achieve them.
  • Top Tips for Optimizing Your Website

    As a small business, we are all too familiar with the difficulties of initially establishing a website, maintaining it, and transforming it to authentically connect with customers. While our site is a quintessential example of a website still in progress, this article includes lessons we’ve learned along the way to help you establish a platform that is a foundation of success for your business.
  • Why Every Business Needs a Great IT Team

    Information Technology ("IT") is one of the most, if not arguably the most, important parts of running any business, regardless of whether you are running a two-person small business or mega corporation. This discussion dives into the services with which IT professionals can assist your business and insight on finding the right team to assist you.
  • Three Strategies to Effectively Manage Your Time as a Small Business Owner

    Top strategies for more efficiently using your time as a small business owner to better lead your Team and more effectively serve your clients, customers, and community. 
  • The New Workplace: Preparing Your Business to Operate in the COVID-19 Era

    Following this week's article and live webinar presentation of The New Workplace: Preparing Your Business to Operate in the COVID-19 Era, we want to #ShineItForward™ by providing a complete complimentary recording of the program. Beyond this complimentary replay, learn more about some of the topics discussed during the article and webinar, the resources cited therein, and additional guidance to help you safely and confidently operate your business during the COVID-19 era.
  • 83 Degrees Feature Story: Florida's New Work Environment - Preparing Your Business to Operate in the COVID-19 Era

    Learn best practices for working with employees, clients, customers and others amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, including best strategies for managing the workplace, health and safety best practices for your workforce and the public, limiting potential liability, and more.
  • Small Business Saturdays: Instagram Live with Kiera Chocola

    Spread Your Sunshine Founder Melanie Griffin recently participated in Small Business Saturdays on Instagram Live hosted by Kiera Chocola of Florida Retail Partners to provide helpful advice and resources to small businesses who, much like Spread Your Sunshine, have pivoted their brand over the past several weeks and are beginning to plan for the future.