About Spread Your Sunshine

Growing up, the three most important people in my life were my grandma, grandpa and mom. My grandparents lived in Illinois where our family’s fourth generation farm is located.

Mom and I lived in Florida, where she moved after college. Determined not to let the distance separate our family, grandma did not allow a holiday or significant life experience to pass without a hand-written note and token of remembrance. Even in my thirties, I tore into what would undoubtedly be a sweet message and McDonald’s (my fav!) gift card sent by grandma in celebration of the most recent holiday.

Grandpa turned gift-making and -giving into his full-time job upon retirement from the farm. His specialty was woodworking. Flower pots, swing sets, benches, serving trays, napkin holders, animals, you name it – there was nothing that gentle sole didn’t craft to brighten the life of every person he met.

Mom is the quintessential gifter. Weeks in advance, she contemplates the perfect present for the upcoming occasion. When the day arrives, so does the treasure she specially selected and exquisitely wrapped accompanied by a thoughtful, hand-written note.

My family instilled in me this love of showering others with gratitude and appreciation. One of my earliest memories is spending all of my allowance on holiday cards carefully selected for each family member. After graduation from the Florida State University MBA/JD program, a successful law practice was built over the next decade-plus by personally connecting with others and deepening relationships through celebration of my colleagues’ achievements.

My happiest days were when a recipient experienced joy from receipt of a card and memento specially sent to commemorate a milestone.

What was curious to me, though, was a consistent response received – that although my package was sent to celebrate the recipient seemingly being at the height of his or her personal or professional life, the thanks was for providing encouragement on a day when compassion was most needed. For the first time, I truly understood that you do not fully know of others’ experiences until you “walk in their shoes.”

Spread Your Sunshine was born out of this truth - the world is bettered when people are instilled with the confidence that we are cheerleaders for their goals and accomplishments. It is insufficient to think someone is awesome; to truly foster positive change and build stronger communities, we must tell others how terrifically fantastic and uniquely qualified they are to make the world a better place.

Such is the goal of Spread Your Sunshine – to provide keynote speaking and trainings, business consulting, and inspirational stationery and gifts that brighten the world and allow all to find joy, achieve their dreams, and shine beyond the glass ceiling. So, shine brightly, friends, because your community is depending on you to ensure that our collective future shines brightest! 

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