Spreading Your Sunshine by Uplifting Others

Spread Your Sunshine Founder Melanie S. Griffin, Esq. was recently the Featured Guest on The Wing Woman Show hosted by Morgan Barse. During Spreading Her Sunshine With Stationery With Melanie Griffin, Morgan and Melanie discussed her career path, personal and professional branding, and so much more.

Morgan and Melanie started the show by speaking about how she had grown up wanting to be a lawyer--she even dressed up as one for Halloween and gave out candy! She still practices today, along with all she does with Spread Your Sunshine. However, a few years ago she realized that she wasn’t feeling fulfilled anymore. She felt that she was constantly running out of time to do things that she was passionate about, especially mentoring others. Spread Your Sunshine came about as a way for her to help mentor others. By creating a blog with information centered around personal and professional growth, giving access to prior speaking engagements, and starting a podcast where she talks with professionals about failure, she has been able to scale what used to be one-on-one mentoring sessions into a business that can help anyone looking for advice.

While discussing Spread Your Sunshine, Megan and Melanie also touched on branding when speaking about Spread Your Sunshine’s products. Melanie wanted to have products that expressed gratefulness and gratitude to others. So, she created notecards that were bright and happy to reflect uplifting messages. Having such specific goals not only helped her to create her products but also to create a brand that was immediately recognizable. One way to make your brand even more recognizable is by using banner frames to advertise using multiple marketing platforms. Instead of focusing on one channel, using several mediums simultaneously will exponentially increase your discoverability.

Morgan then asked Melanie about ways that she has successfully streamlined her life, professionally and personally. One way Melanie has done so is to create Excel sheets with information on gifts she gives out on special occasions. She has certain go-to gifts that she loves to give (also a great way to streamline!), which makes it all the more important to catalogue who is getting what gift so that doesn’t accidentally give the same baby gift for, say, a second baby shower.

Melanie also loves to send notes for all occasions. Since she does so regularly, she’s created a document with her top sayings so that she has a place to start when writing each letter. Each letter is personalized, but this helps to make sure that she isn’t starting from scratch every time she writes a letter, which also saves time.

Next, they discussed how Melanie has learned to handle moments of doubt. She relayed that some of it has to do with experience: looking back she’s realized that she has to be comfortable in her own skin. She also found that asking “Am I happy?” is also important as it helps to recognize whether a situation, good or bad, is worth it. Appreciating what it is you have, what you’re going through, or the relationships you’re building is just as important as making sure that you aren’t constantly comparing those things to others. Be happy with what you’re choosing to do.

Then, Melanie and Morgan discussed how she prioritizes all of the things that she has to do and wants to do on any given day. One way she does so is that she treats certain business days as “booked.” Before the pandemic, she would block out one or two days a week. These days are reserved for catching up on work, starting new projects, or anything that you want to get done but haven’t had the time to do. This way, a meeting or a phone call won’t interrupt your workflow. It also means that if a meeting goes over the time allotted, you don’t have to worry that you won’t have enough time to finish your regular work. If you have someone who manages your schedule, a good way to get “booked” time on a calendar, is to block that time off with an event entitled “Hold.”

Morgan then asked Melanie what kinds of opportunities had come from being intentional when developing her personal and professional brand. Melanie explained that all of the big opportunities she has gotten are because of how intentional she has been. She had immersed herself in her law practice for the first part of her career, working hard at her job and on any executive board that she was appointed to. After deciding to spread her wings, she took that same dedication with her and made sure that everyone understood why she was so passionate about Spread Your Sunshine and the mission behind it.

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