Dedicated to the advancement of professional working women.

“Creative adaptability is the key to a successful career.”

Melanie S. griffin  |  Founder, Spread your sunshine

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Sunshine Mission


Effective mentorship affords an advantage for female professionals. Women aspiring or holding leadership positions benefit from Spread Your Sunshine's trustworthy and experienced mentors. Sunshine's Mentor Partnership philosophy helps women overcome gender-related challenges in the modern workplace and deters intrinsic and extrinsic circumstances hinder success. 

Sunshine Philosophy



Create a safe and trusting environment to encourage you to discover the answers yourself. 


Establish a trusting and coachable mentor partnership for you to craft your unique success story.


Publish free, accessable, applicable, and useful information for women to implement.


Advance your career by sharing expert advice from the nation's most successful women in business.


Dedicated to the advancement of Professional Women.