Ensuring Success As a Small Retailer


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Any new business will need a sizable upfront investment, most notably if it has a brick-and-mortar storefront. Depending on the nature of the store you are opening, it is possible that there will be an extensive list of items that will need to be in place prior to you flipping that front door sign to “Open.” This is especially true if it is a retail store.

Many items are typical of every establishment, such as point-of-sale registers, shelving or racks to display your products, but there is much more that is involved. If you are having difficulty deciding which credit card reader might be best for your business, check out this guide to credit card readers.

On the Sales Floor

Aesthetically more important than any other section of your store, the sales floor needs the most love and attention, as it is what will attract or repel potential customers. Branding and vision are important. Are you wanting simple and elegant or busy and fun? Who is your target audience? It is best to conduct research and know what type of vibe you want to present before you purchase or begin leasing a storefront, so as not to waste money.

In the Break Room

Your employees are the most important asset of your business, and they deserve to feel comfortable during their breaks or while they’re waiting to clock in for their shift. Depending on how many employees will be working at a time, one or more refrigerators will be essential, so they can store their food and drinks. It is important to have a set day of each week when old items will be discarded, to keep refrigerators sanitary. Tables, comfortable chairs, a microwave, coffee maker and water are the basic amenities that should be provided, as well as other items.

In the Stock Room

Although your stock room does not have to be aesthetically pleasing like your sales floor, it is important that employees are provided the necessary equipment needed to perform their jobs properly, efficiently and most critical, safely. This equipment can include tagging and pricing guns, a labeler, step stools and ladders, gloves, box cutters and tape measures, among several other items that are needed for your particular retailer. You will also need to have Wet Floor signs, cleaning materials and equipment and any other items that may be required by OSHA or the health department.

Making sure there is sufficient space to store all of your products and the items listed in an organized manner is imperative to the safety of you, your employees, and anyone that makes deliveries to your store or conducts general walk-throughs.

You’ve Got This

Having solid business, marketing and sales plans in place are the first step, followed by the actual implementation of your vision. This is your dream, and it will take time to come to fruition, but you’ve got this! Patience and determination are key.