The Floridaville Express: Interview with Featured Guest Melanie S. Griffin, Esq.

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Spread Your Sunshine Founder Melanie S. Griffin, Esq. was recently interviewed for Episode 6 of The Floridaville Express. Hosted by the Rocketship Consultants Team led by Rosanna Catalano, Jeanne Curtin, and Joy Tootle, this Live Show highlights leaders who make an impact in and around Florida. During the interview, topics such as achieving balance, believing in fabulously talented YOU!, recognizing that “failures” are often successes in disguise, mentorship, inspiration, and more were discussed.

Achieving Balance Over the Long-Term, Not the Short-Term

The discussion first centered on simultaneously successfully fulfilling multiple roles, as a small business owner, lawyer, mother, wife, leader, and more. Melanie’s advice? Accept that you will not get an “A” in every area of your life every day. Rather, “balance” is a long-term achievement, not a short-term goal. If, say, over the course of a month, you shine as an entrepreneur the first week, lawyer the second, mother and wife the third, and leader the fourth, you may not achieve “balance” during any one week, but viewing the month overall, it is a total success.  

Two strategies that allow you to focus on accomplishing your goals are saying “no” and time blocking. “Yes” is not an obligatory answer and “no” is not a bad word. Identify the projects/people/issues/etc. that are most important to you personally and professionally. When new opportunities present themselves, evaluate if they align with your top priorities. If they don’t, say “no,” so that your time is reserved for the things that truly matter to you.

Also consider blocking one to three days on your calendar every week, treating those days as “booked,” when in reality, they are 100% reserved for awesome YOU. Having uninterrupted time each week will allow you to stay abreast of work, start new projects, complete more complex tasks, and tackle other items on your To Do List that cannot be accomplished when dashing between appointments.

Believe in Fabulously Talented YOU!

Melanie was next asked about one thing she wishes she had known at the beginning of her career. Melanie encouraged listeners to believe in how talented they are from Day One. While you certainly want to exercise humility and continue to learn and grow, you also brought a talented skillset to the job that is distinct from the unique talents of the others on your Team. There is a reason why you were hired over your competition! So, take the time to learn from the people around you, but also share what makes you an asset in the workplace.

For example, if maximizing effective communication is your jam and your employer’s website is not consumer-friendly, suggest the great ideas you have, like including a chatroom powered by click4assistance on the site. Your employer will be grateful that you created a way for customers to seek clarification quickly and conveniently, a tool that was unavailable to the Team prior to the addition of your expertise.

Initial “Failures” Are Often Smashing Successes in Disguise

Since Melanie loves helping her community overcome their fear of “failure” and appreciate that initial disappointments are often ultimately silver linings, Melanie was asked about her biggest “failure.” She relayed one of her first major career disappointments - being the worst performer at a college music program at a time when she wanted to be a professional musician. Performing on stage for her professors and peers was devastating, only made worse by the embarrassment of each critique, often delivered before her fellow students whose musical talents were far superior.

Now looking back, though, the program that was so difficult at the time was a complete homerun despite that in the moment, it felt like a disaster. It was a smashing success because it clarified Melanie’s best career path. Had she been too afraid to share her talents with the world and receive feedback, she would not have learned that her musical talents were best channeled as a hobby and her career focused on other ways that she could most positively impact the world. Too many times we dwell on the fact that something did not turn out as intended instead of gratefully recognizing the lesson learned and ultimate positive outcome of the experience. Challenging yourself to analyze and move forward will foster the biggest payoffs and rewards.

Mentorship & Inspiration

Melanie was last asked about who inspires her. While two of her biggest mentors are her mom and husband, people whom she does not know also provide meaningful mentorship, including through podcasts, books, and movies. Examples like those featured in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Greater, Patch Adams, Seven Pounds, and more inspire us to live with grace and kindness throughout the day, whether with family, friends, clients, colleagues, or strangers.

To view and listen to this interview in its entirety, please click here.

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