Becoming the Ultimate Wing Woman (or Man!) with Serial Entrepreneur Morgan Barse

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Episode 8 of the Spread Your Sunshine Podcast & Social Media Show features Guest Expert Serial Entrepreneur Morgan Barse, who discusses the Importance of Building Community and Connecting with Others.

Featured Guest Morgan Barse

Leading the brand development of best-selling authors, Emmy award-winning journalists, and industry leaders, Gals with Goals and Wing Woman Brands Founder Morgan Barse is dedicated to helping her community map out their big goals, quit comparing themselves to others, and learn from those they admire so they can live their big dreams. To do this, Morgan is laser-focused with her time, including taking herself on “dates” to focus while having fun. Learn more about Morgan’s best tips and strategies by listening to Episode 8 in its entirety. 

Key Discussions with Morgan

Listen to Episode 8 to discover more about:

  • Learning from “failed” entrepreneurial ventures and using the lessons from those experiences to do things differently (and more successfully!) in the future.
  • The importance of building a community and connecting them with your personal brand and “the why” of your product/service.
  • The productivity derived from goal-setting, including taking yourself on planning session dates and the effectiveness of time blocking when mapping out how to achieve your goals.

Morgan’s Advice for Creating Immediate Positive Change

  1. Create a Community Connected to “Your Why”: Potential customers want to know who you are, understand why you started your business, and appreciate the problem your product/service solves. The more you connect consumers to this message and build your brand, the more your business will thrive. Take, for example, Sydney Ute Van Hire, that serves as a model of connecting its customers with its "why" - the ability to quickly and easily rent a van or utility vehicle 24/7 so that customers are never without reliable transportation, including that needed to move, for adventure sporting, and more.
  1. Take Yourself on a Date: Scheduling a date with fabulous *you* not only provides dedicated time to work on your dreams and goals, it is motivational. You will look forward to the appointment both to further your projects and indulge in something you enjoy, like sipping on your favorite latte or sampling the latest cake flavors at the newly opened bakery.
  1. Time Block: Reserving space on your calendar for dedicated projects protects your time and helps ensure you work on your goals and dreams instead of constantly being distracted by interruptions and others’ agendas.

Full Show Materials 

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