Seeing Every Day as an Opportunity with The Curvy Girl Trainer Lacee Green

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Episode 5 of the Spread Your Sunshine Podcast & Social Media Show features Guest Expert The Curvy Girl Trainer Lacee Green, who discusses how to love your mind and body right where you are and why motivation will always beat talent.

Featured Guest Lacee Green

Grieving after the unexpected death of her brother, Lacee realized that while she will always miss him, “His time is over, but [her] time is still here.” Treasuring that gift, Lacee is a mom, fitness studio owner, certified personal trainer, group instructor, nutritionist, and model who created #MyCurvesAreTheHIIT. Listen to Episode 5 to hear her explain her WHY, how she’s driven to motivate everyone around her, and how you should love your body right where you are.

Key Discussions with Lacee 

Listen to Episode 5 to learn about:

Lacee’s Advice for Creating Immediate Positive Change

  1. Educate Yourself: Education is critical to creating a positive mindset. Consider reading/listening to podcasts or books, like The Four Agreements recommended by Lacee, to shift your outlook.
  1. Capture Your Thoughts in Writing: What/how is your body doing today? What is making a difference? Writing this information down will help you determine when you are most productive and most positive, which can help you plan when to accomplish tasks in the future.
  1. Remember That, “Their Time May Be Over, But Our Time is Still Here”: Everyone deals with grief. When you do, acknowledging that you are still here and have a limited amount of time in the world can help you work through challenges and find your WHY.

Complimentary Gift for the Spread Your Sunshine Community

To further introduce Spread Your Sunshine listeners to her Curvy Girl Trainer services, Lacee is giving away her Seven Day Detox, a comprehensive plan that teaches you how to eat healthier. DM her on Instagram or message her on her website to receive the Detox and start on your new journey.

While focusing on your body, also consider if you could benefit from business health insurance that may cover or defray the costs of doctor's appointments, mental health services, physical therapy and more.

Full Show Materials

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