Lead Generation Ideas That Never Fail to Generate Revenue

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To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, companies must genuinely connect with their customers in unique ways that provide value beyond the face of the product or service sold by the business. As previously discussed in Top Tips for Optimizing Your Website, and as Simon Sinek explained in his famous 2009 TED Talk, through “telling their why,” companies can form an indestructible bond with their customers. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” In other words, your customers want to know your story, receive added value, and understand why you are passionate about connecting with them through your products and/or services. The businesses that do this well are the ones that often outpace their competition. Read on to learn how you, too, can flush your client roster and increase your profits without resorting to an uncomfortable, and potentially ineffective, sales pitch.

Provide Your Community with Learning Opportunities

One of the best ways to provide value for your customers is to help them learn, especially about subjects that are related to, and yet go beyond, your immediate product or service offering. For example, Martha Stewart, who is best known for recipes, do-it-yourself projects, at-home decorating and crafts, does not simply line the store shelves with cookware and home décor and hope that customers buy her goods over those of her competitors. She built an empire by teaching her community how to bake a decadent bundt cake, wrap an exquisite gift, and lay out the perfect table scape, all the while, using her must-have wares to put such idyllic touches on her audience’s dream home.

Similarly, Emily Ley, creator of the Simplified Planner, does not idly wait for customers to buy her organizer to take control of their lives. She provides step-by-step instructions for decluttering through books she has authored, blog stories she has published, and podcast interviews she has given.

The point is that customers want to understand why they need your product or service, learn how it will improve their lives, and know what problem is solved by buying such good or service. The more you help customers explore these ideas through organic learning opportunities, the higher value your community receives, enticing them to naturally want your product or service, in turn, growing your sales. Publishing articles, books and e-learning tools; hosting a podcast, blog, conference, or webinar series; keynote speaking; and one-on-one mentoring are just a few of the ways that you can create such meaningful relationships with your ideal buyers.

Involve Customers in Your Business Through Videos

Consumers further buy into your business when they are personally invested in it. One of the best ways to create such a connection is to include videos of your daily operations on your social media channels and website or in e-newsletters. Such behind-the-scenes peaks allow customers to see and metaphorically touch, taste and smell your business in a way they could not before the advent of the internet, apps, and additional technology that give small businesses advertising opportunities not previously available to them.

For example, are you fulfilling several orders placed in response to your latest promotion? Instill FOMO (fear of missing out) in potential buyers who missed the discount window by posting a video of the packages being shipped to entice them to take advantage of the special the next time it is offered. Or, are you selecting between colors before sending one to final production? Post a video of the options in an online social media poll asking consumers to help you choose between the two options. Not only will your community love contributing to your finished product, you can use the poll responses to directly contact the customers who picked the selected color about buying the product they helped to make.  

There are dozens of ways to bring your business to life for customers through video footage. Have fun with these clips! The brighter you shine, the more customers get to know you and feel invested in your business, increasing your sales and their desire to help you succeed.

Optimize Your Homepage As A Sales Funnel

Sales funnels lead a customer’s journey from their first interaction with your company through their purchase of a good or service. Although they are an optimal way to guide a customer from initial touchpoint to final sale, many businesses seemingly forget about such funnels when designing their website home page, meaning the home page is nothing more than a glorified site map when it should be a filter that guides the consumer to the funnel that is right for them. If you are unsure of how to create an online sales funnel experience, talk to a web design company about the concept. They can strategically leverage on-screen devices to make it easy for users to plot a course through your content, driving and increasing your overall sales in today’s e-commerce market.  

Leverage Customer Reviews

In today’s online marketplace, customers are increasingly reliant on information from others when making sales decisions. Because they cannot personally try on the suit or smell the candle as they could have in-store, they rely on others to know whether the fit is true to size or the smell earthy or floral. They also rely on fellow consumers to learn about the integrity and culture of the company, quality of its products, speed of shipping, latest and greatest offerings, number of sales, and more. The more fully you give consumers a holistic view of your company and its products/services, the greater comfort they will have in buying from you.

Additionally, Google will feel more comfortable recommending you. Like consumers, its algorithm ensures that sites with a multitude of reviews are rewarded with higher Google rankings. So, reviews confirming the awesomeness of your brand can be used to help current customers learn more about you as well as search engines grow your customer list by driving additional buyers to you.

Final Thoughts to Generate Leads

Hey YOU! Yes, fabulously inspiring you. Spread Your Sunshine knows how wonderful you are by getting to know you as a part of our community. The idea of lead generation is the same concept – the more you organically introduce the must-have qualities of your products and services to potential buyers, the better relationship you build with them, increasing your sales and profits.

Hopefully the ideas herein help you share the best of you and your company with your community. But, we know you have additional tips to help empower the Spread Your Sunshine community, too. Share your advice by emailing melanie@spreadyoursunshine.com or messaging Spread Your Sunshine on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, or Twitter. We love hearing from you, as together, we perform our best.

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