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Episode 3 of the Spread Your Sunshine Podcast & Social Media Show features Guest Expert Serial Entrepreneur Sarah Benken, who discusses secrets for successfully bootstrapping and scaling multiple businesses (at the same time!).

Featured Guest Sarah Benken

A teen Mom, Sarah Benken was determined that for the sake of her daughter, she would not fail. That grit helped her establish Metro’s Other Woman, a concierge service business, that today is Lifestyle Management Co. Observing her female clients, Sarah realized that more needed to be done to spotlight female leaders and entrepreneurs. She therefore founded KNOW Women, the network she successfully runs today along with Lifestyle Management Co. In Episode 3, Sarah shares the strategies she has used to finance and successfully grow her companies.

Key Discussions with Sarah

Listen to Episode 3 to learn about:

  • Opportunities you gain from situations that initially present themselves as challenges.
  • Using your innate talents, interests, and opportunities to pivot careers and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Scaling a business, including into new geographical markets.
  • Trusting your instincts to make good hiring decisions.
  • Building the team that allows you to grow and expand your business.
  • Making a strategic business plan that includes a “hustle season” and a “flow season.”
  • The importance of taking time for yourself.

Sarah’s Advice for Creating Immediate Positive Change

  1. Take a Deep Breath & Be Intentional: Oftentimes, we are juggling many things at once, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Although it may be counter-intuitive to slow down during such a period, taking a moment to step back will afford you time to think and evaluate what is best for you, your employees, and your company.
  1. Plan!: Even though it may seem like there is never enough time for a planning session with everything else on your plate, it is imperative that you set aside periodic sessions to intentionally focus on how you will accomplish your goals, including identifying when you will be “hustling” and when you will be “flowing.” For example, take time to evaluate major issues you or your business are facing, which may include establishing various revenue streams, guarding against cyber threats, outsourcing technology needs to managed IT services, and practicing positive mental health and wellness.
  1. Trust Your Instincts: In your heart, you know what is best for you and your family, career, and business, especially if you take the time to evaluate and focus as Sarah suggests. So, have the courage to bet on yourself and trust your instincts, you will likely be happy you did.

Complimentary Gift for the Spread Your Sunshine Community

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Full Show Materials

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