Finding Your Happy & Breathing Easy with AMPLIFY Founder Vanessa Charles

Episode 4 of the Spread Your Sunshine Podcast & Social Media Show features Guest Expert AMPLIFY Founder Vanessa Charles, who discusses channeling success by asking for help, taking a break, and learning from challenges.

Featured Guest Vanessa Charles

A believer that when women and girls are given the support and community they need, they can change the world, Vanessa Charles does just that as a multi-million dollar producing real estate agent, co-host of the Hey Babe! Podcast, certified breathwork facilitator, and founder of AMPLIFY––Florida's Premier Women's Leadership Event. Listen to Episode 4 to learn Vanessa’s strategies for inspiring her community to reach their greatest potential.

Key Discussions with Vanessa

Listen to Episode 4 to learn about:

  • Asking for help.
  • Taking a break, including going on vacation by yourself.
  • The importance of having a clear business plan, including analyzing and learning from past challenges.
  • Reconnecting with yourself, including the benefits of breathwork.
  • Finding your happy by determining what that means to you and making necessary changes.

Vanessa’s Advice for Creating Immediate Positive Change

  1. Do Not Carry Your Burdens Alone: You are not alone. Reach out to others when you need assistance. Ask for help, advice, and whatever else you need. You do not need to struggle by yourself.
  1. Take Money Out of the Equation: Evaluate your job and/or business to determine if you are happy in the roles you are fulfilling. Is there anything you can do to make your current job better? Would it be better to make a career change/pivot? When considering whether a change is necessary, take money out of the equation, if possible, and/or determine if your budget can be balanced differently to make your happy possible.
  1. Find Your Happy: Do not simply go through the motions of life – it is too important and you only have one chance to make it as amazing as possible. Ask yourself if you are fulfilled and living your purpose. If you are not, immediately start planning the changes necessary to be your best YOU.

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