Make More Money with Heart Not Hustle with Sales Coach Natasha Hemmingway

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Episode 2 of the Spread Your Sunshine Podcast & Social Media Show features Guest Expert Sales Coach Natasha Hemmingway, who discusses Growing by Surrendering, Saying "YES!" to New Opportunities, and Focusing on the “Main Thing.”

Featured Guest Natasha Hemmingway

Natasha Hemmingway achieved corporate success as the only Black female Senior Territory Manager in her division at a major Fortune 500 before tragically losing her newborn son. This loss forever changed her, ultimately leading her to become an entrepreneurial-based Sales Coach. In Episode 2, she shares her compelling story and focuses on growing sales with an authentic process, defining your purpose and joy, and using your heart to maximize sales wins.

Key Discussions with Natasha

Listen to Episode 2 to learn about:

  • The expertise Natasha gained in corporate sales for almost two decades.
  • How she survived the loss of her newborn son.
  • Her career pivot from a Manager at a Fortune 500 to a self-employed Entrepreneur.
  • The connection between surrendering and saying “yes” to her current success.
  • The authentic sales process she teaches business owners to maximize their joy and profits with heart, not hustle, maximizing sales growth for wide-ranging products and services from stationery, to baked goods, to air conditioning repair, and beyond.
  • Top lessons Natasha has learned, including: embracing the uncertainty of not having everything figured out; benefits of allowing yourself to grieve; need to take action; importance of seeking wise counsel, including establishing a “Board of Directors;” payoffs of trusting your instinct; and significance of focusing on the “main thing.”

Natasha’s Advice for Creating Immediate Positive Change

  1. Focus on The “Main Thing”: Determine the top project/initiative/theme/etc. on which you want to focus. In other words, determine “the main thing” for which you want to be known.
  1. Evaluate Past Experiences: Evaluate your “failures” and accomplishments to determine what worked and what did not. Moving forward, keep in mind what should be replicated and what you should change.
  1. Say “YES!”: If a new endeavor is in your heart, brings you joy, and you feel called to take action on it, go for it, as your instinct is likely leading you down the right path.

Complimentary Gifts for the Spread Your Sunshine Community

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Full Show Materials

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