The Mind Body Business Show with Brian Kelly: Interview with Featured Guest Melanie S. Griffin, Esq.

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Spread Your Sunshine Founder Melanie S. Griffin, Esq. was recently the Featured Guest on The Mind Body Business ShowHosted by Brian Kelly, the Podcast is dedicated to exploring what Brian calls the three pillars of success: mind, body, and business. During the interview, Melanie shared her insight and first-hand experiences regarding fostering a positive mindset, the importance of physical activity, and why lifelong learning is critical to success. Brian and Melanie also discussed the perils of perfectionism, overcoming the fear of failure, Melanie's favorite marketing technique, and much more.

To begin, Brian and Melanie focused on the MIND, specifically, how to create a positive mindset. Melanie shared how she stays motivated by listening to go-to podcasts and a lengthy book list kept on her phone.

In fact, READING is now crucial for Melanie, who, for quite some time, read minimally for limited purposes. After listening to a TED Talk on overcoming failure, however, she realized the power of continued learning and how it elevates and transforms your professional life and abilities. She therefore became a ferocious consumer of such mentorship and credits her recent career successes to the podcasts and audiobooks to which she faithfully listens. 

An effective way to administer, document, track and report educational and training courses is establishment of a learning management system, or LMS, a software your business can use to facilitate e-learning. An LMS can automate the learning completed by you and your team, from recommending essential courses and trainings to reporting completed progress, making it easy to monitor educational growth and increased skillsets. 

Brian and Melanie then pivoted to the BODY and the importance of physical fitness. Although Melanie loves being active and believes in the importance of exercise, she also recognizes that there are only 24 hours in each day and that life includes different "seasons." If your schedule allows you to workout several days per week, awesome; your mind, body and health will benefit from it. But, if in this season, those 45 minutes are needed for sleep, skip the gym and get some rest. The best thing you can do for your body is enjoy where you are in life, do what you can to maintain an active lifestyle, and consciously move throughout the day instead of worrying about a missed class or gym session.

In part because physical activity can be so grueling, Melanie is often in awe of the dedication and gumption displayed by athletes. They experience wins and losses in real time, in front of thousands of adoring fans as well as relentless hecklers. Even after their worst performances, they hold their heads high, put one foot in front of the other, and try again and again. This is a great model for how to best learn and move on from "failures," not dwell on past mistakes that prevent forward movement.

To that end, Brian asked Melanie about REGRET, "Would she do anything differently if she could re-start her career?" While she wishes she had sooner believed in herself, taken risks, and abandoned perfectionisminstead of learning these hard lessons along the way—Melanie wouldn't change her career trajectory. Although her life and career paths have pivoted, she would not be where she is today without her earlier foundation.

That said, now that she is free of PERFECTIONISMshe has the bandwidth to exponentially grow both personally and professionally. One way she does this is letting herself be “wrong” at least 10% of the time. Melanie is more productive when she delegates to others, does not control all aspects of her business and personal life, and accepts any minor fallouts from taking such approach. 

Melanie has also been successful in BUSINESS as a result of sending handwritten notes. She stressed the importance of genuinely connecting with others, such as by celebrating and remembering others' goals and achievements. By acting as a cheerleader, you empower your community to do their best, bringing them joy and authentically building relationships.

The podcast ended with Melanie's definition of SUCCESS: happiness. Find your joy and pursue what makes you happy to live an amazing, purposeful life.

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