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The world we live in is rapidly changing and so is the way that people make money. In the past, most people worked for one company for decades before retiring, but with the invention and development of the internet, there are now a plethora of options to earn extra, or even a primary, income.


Drop Shipping

Drop-shipping has surged in popularity over the past few years, and you’ve likely heard the term, but may not understand how it works. This is when an individual sets up an online store and sells products for drop-shipping suppliers. When a customer orders an item or items from their store, the individual checks to make sure all the details are correct and then orders it from the supplier, who then fulfills that order by shipping it directly to the customer who made the purchase. The individual with the online store then makes a commission on the purchased item or items. To learn more about drop-shipping, click here.

Start a YouTube Channel or Blog

Are you passionate about a specific topic or niche, or just desire a space to have your voice heard? Creating a YouTube channel or blog can be an incredible way to connect with like-minded individuals and on the internet, there’s definitely a place for everyone. You name it, you can find others who are passionate about it, as well. Through various marketing strategies, such as YouTube monetization (which has requirements), affiliate marketing and brand deals, this stream of income can generate money, but takes a great deal of time to build, unless you are bringing over a large audience from another platform. The good news is though, if you can push through the initial uphill climb, eventually it becomes smooth sailing.

Market Your Skills Online

Do you have a love for web design? Photoshop? Photography? The list is endless and doesn’t just apply to art. Whatever you’re passionate about can be generated into extra income, even if it’s just posting about a business that you already run. This can be done through various website such as Fiverr, Etsy or creating your own website, such as Spread Your Sunshine! Word of advice, in a culture where it’s easy to attempt to monetize everything we do, leave one or two hobbies that you do just for fun and not money.

Freelance Writing

There are several different opportunities available when it comes to being a freelance writer, one of the most popular being copywriting. This would entail you producing persuasive marketing and promotional materials that would be used for advertising on websites, print ads, catalogs, and can even be scripts used for videos or commercials. These materials motivate people to take some form of action. Of course, this will require more work than many other types of side-income, though this can be worth the work to make sure that you get to do something satisfying as your side hustle.

Another form of freelance writing can be writing articles for print or online magazines, newspapers, newsletters, blogs or websites. These are typically paid per article written and can be a one-time or reoccurring gig.


While investing isn’t a good way to make money quickly, it can be great for those who are willing and able to wait. This option also requires that you have a certain amount of money that you can possibly lose, as investments can often be risky. However, as seen with the GameStop phenomenon earlier this year, investing is now easily accessible to those who have even as low as a few dollars and an internet connection. It is advised to do research on this particular stream of income prior to investing, as it is worth learning about risks and rewards.

Rental Properties

Property has always been one of the best ways to make money, and this hasnt changed in the modern world. Rental is the best way to make a long-term income out of something like this, providing you with the chance to generate money on a regular basis. Vacations rentals can often be the best way to handle this, and improving vacation rental is easy with these pro tips. Getting started with an option like this will require quite a bit of work and initial access to capital, but it can be worth it to ensure that you are setting up a good side income.

If you have the initial time to begin one or multiple of these examples, it is quite possible to not just earn extra income, but eventually become your own boss, set your own schedule and work from home or anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. These do require an immense level of self-discipline and patience, but they can certainly pay off in the long run if you’re able to persevere through the rough times. 

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