#ShineItForward Card & Gift Set
#ShineItForward Card & Gift Set
#ShineItForward Card & Gift Set

#ShineItForward Card & Gift Set

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What you receive: 

  • One #ShineItForward Individual Stationery Set
    • One flat, two-sided 5x7 card (plus envelope) 
    • One flat, two-sided 4x6 card (plus envelope) 
    • One flat, two-sided 3.5x2 "Who in your life shines brightly?" card explaining the #ShineItForward concept
    • One paper clip 
  • One Gift 
    • Large Card Holder (plus positivity card)
    • Tall Card Holder (plus positivity card) 
    • Framed Print 
  • Complete gift packaged in clear bag with ribbon 
  • (Optional) Add a customized gift message that Spread Your Sunshine will print for you in a scripted font on notecard that matches your order

    Additional item details: 

    Celebrate the positively wonderful & fabulously talented people in your life this season with a Spread Your Sunshine gift set! Perfect for business clients, co-workers, colleagues, friends, & family!

    This gift set is perfect for the person who wants to remember a special Valentine with a gift that will inspire them year round. The recipient will also receive a #ShineItForward Individual Stationary Set, allowing them to brighten the day of a special valentine of their own! 

    To #ShineItForward the recipient of this gift will write their message on the 5x7 card and then also enclose a blank 4x6 card, envelope and clipped "Who in Your Life Shines Brightly?" card which explains the #ShineItForward concept. The recipient then keeps the card addressed to them and uses the blank card to brighten the day of another awesome individual.