About Our Products

Spread Your Sunshine products were first made using its signature “sunshine” language and bright pink and yellow colors, now named the “Classic” Collection. It was quickly realized that beyond the Classic Collection, SYS’ artwork can be designed in multiple additional color combinations to best connect with both male and female customers of all ages. Additionally, “sister” easily replaces “sunshine” to honor the strong bonds of sisterhood. To best celebrate our customers, SYS makes the following products in ten color schemes, four “Sunshine” Collections and six “Sister” Collections: stationery, positivity cards, envelope seals, picture/card holders, post-it notes, and framed prints. 

Sunshine Collections 

SYS’ “Sunshine” Collections feature four color combinations: “Classic” (SYS’ original bright pink and yellow color scheme), Green & Gold, Blue & Orange, and Garnet & Gold. 
Classic StationeryGreen and Gold Stationery Blue and Orange StationeryGarnet and Gold Stationery  

Sister Collections 

SYS’ “Sister” Collections feature six color combinations:  Rose Pink & Green; Crimson & Pearl White;  Cardinal & Straw; Red, Buff, & Green; Scarlet Red & Olive Green; and Teal & Gray. 
 Rose Pink and Green StationeryCrimson and Pearl White StationeryStraw and Red Stationery