Tampa Bay Business & Wealth Magazine Featured Story: Shumaker Advisors Talks About Leading in a Crisis

Spread Your Sunshine Founder Melanie S. Griffin, Esq. was recently featured in Tampa Bay Business & Wealth Magazine’s article “Leading in a Crisis.” Authored by Michael Solender, the piece highlights the work that Shumaker Advisors Florida has done to assist the Tampa Bay business community during the Coronavirus pandemic. This included hosting a 24/7 telephone hotline, publishing a dedicated online resource center, utilizing connections at the local, state, and national levels, coaching small businesses and their employees through adapting to the changed marketplace, and helping small businesses and their employees access public and private financing and additional assistance.

The stories of businesses assisted by Shumaker Advisors Florida are inspirational and highlight the resilience of businesses in the Tampa Bay area. For example, Melanie shared the story of a local brick-and-mortar tea house that has entirely transitioned its business online by creating a new line of e-commerce products and offering direct delivery services. 

To read the piece in its entirety, please go to this link. Additionally, please click here to access the entire July 2020 issue of Tampa Bay Business & Wealth"Leading in a Crisis" is located on pages 34 & 35.

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