Strategies for Using Technology to Improve Your Small Business

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Modern companies need to adopt the latest tech solutions in order to thrive and grow. If you’re looking for a few new ideas to improve your business, check out these six options.

  1. Chatbots

To improve your small business website, chatbots are a great tool. Often customers have queries on your site, (and they want these answered right away)! Chatbots can provide customer service 24/7, using AI tech to mimic human conversation. There are many benefits of using chatbots on your website including:

  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Gain valuable customer feedback.
  • Boost conversions.
  • Reduce pressure on staff.

      2. Use CRO Tools

If you want to grow your small business you’ll need to focus on boosting your conversions. To support you, try these conversion rate optimization tools.

  • Hot Jar: With the help of the Hot Jar your company can monitor the behavior of your website users. Using insights, you can make the right improvements to your website and your content.
  • Optimizely: Using this tool you can use A/B testing to better understand the needs of your customer. Optimizely is packed with handy features to boost your conversions. With the help of these tools you’ll be able to optimize your website and generate more leads.
  1. ITIL Courses 

To improve the IT within your organization, it’s worth getting yourself an ITIL certification. The framework provides guidance for establishing a high performance service management system. Business leaders need to improve their IT skills in order to remain competitive. The ITIL course will teach you about all the important frameworks, to get you up to speed. For more information check out ITIL certification online.

  1. Offer virtual services

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic many customers feel more comfortable with online services. It’s likely that you’ve already been providing online services throughout these strange times. As restrictions are lifted, continue to offer these services for the long term. Depending on what kind of company you run there are so many options available.

Providing online events is a fantastic way to market yourself. Online events are inexpensive and have the potential for high levels of participation. Virtual events will allow you to present your brand story to your audience, and widen your reach. Before you put on a virtual event, ensure that you spend time planning engaging activities.

  1. Cybersecurity solutions

All modern businesses need cybersecurity solutions to protect themselves online. Invest in cloud security software, anti-virus software, and a multifactor authentication system. Small businesses are often the target of data breaches. If you suffer a cyber attack this can affect both your reputation and your finances.

  1. Use a CRM system

A customer relationship management system is a type of software that helps you to manage all of your customer relationships. You can store your customer contact details, plus their preferences, and previous interactions. Using this software you can enhance your customer experience, (and never miss out on any leads)!

As you can see, there are so many ways to use tech to improve your company.