Need Inspiration? Top Businesses You Can Run From Home

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During this pandemic, we learned just how much work is able to be done virtually and the benefits that can accompany this lifestyle. Many people realized that instead of incorporating their lives around their work, they wished to transition into incorporating their work around their lives. There are a plethora of opportunities available to make this wish a reality, and they continue to grow.

Social Media Advertising
The importance of social media marketing in today’s online atmosphere should not be underestimated. As businesses move increasingly online, many are searching for individuals to manage their social media accounts on a consistent basis, as active engagement is imperative on all major platforms. This isn’t just in terms of a posting schedule, but also consistency in terms of the same brand voice and style.


Virtual Assistant
Another option to consider is becoming a virtual assistant, which can generally offer quite a bit of flexibility to fit your schedule and lifestyle. The main components needed for this option are a reliable computer, robust computer cabling and an internet connection, in order to provide a remote service that delivers administrative, technical, creative or professional help to your clients.


Selling Items
There are two main options to sell different products. The first option is to make and/or sell your own products. There are several websites that allow you to create your own virtual store and sell either your own creations or second-hand items. Depending on the type of site, you either keep all of your earnings or give the site a portion for hosting your store. The second option is drop-shipping, which is when you would also create a virtual store, but sell products by a manufacturer. You do not store these items, you simply make sure the details are correct when a customer makes a purchase from your virtual store, then you order it from the manufacturer, who fulfills the order by sending it directly to the customer. With this option, you make a commission on each purchase.


Remote Training
Do you have a skillset that you believe can provide a benefit to others? This could be anything from teaching others how to learn to play a musical instrument to teaching about different marketing techniques. These trainings can be provided either through live sessions or pre-recorded videos.


Teaching English Online
Speaking of teaching others, if you consider yourself a master of the English language and enjoy children, there are several websites that will pay you to teach English online. If you are teaching from mainland United States, the hours will likely be quite early in the morning, as many children you will be teaching are located in China and other countries in Asia. Therefore, this option is not for everyone, but does provide a steady schedule and freedom throughout the rest of your day.


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