Lakema Massey: National Women's History Month Spotlight


In honor of National Women's History Month, Spread Your Sunshine is highlighting female entrepreneurs and trailblazers who inspire us. Today’s positive inspiration is none other than Lakema Massey. 

Lakema is a Tampa Bay author, speaker and mentor who has dedicated her life to youth and family development by devoting her talents to mentoring young girls both locally and nationally. 

Her goal as an author is to encourage teen girls to live their truth, relish in their perfect imperfections and develop healthy relationships with adults. Beyond the teens for whom it is specifically written, her You Better Fly series also provides guidance to caregivers, parents, and adults working with teens on how to broach difficult topics and overcome challenges. 

In her journey of inspiring, motivating and encouraging pre-teen and teen girls, Lakema has created a mentoring program with the purpose of helping girls learn how to become the best versions of themselves in all aspects of their lives. In doing so, she has paved the way for thousands of young girls through her group and customized mentoring sessions by sharing her real life experiences, personal triumphs and struggles. 

Beyond her achievements, what sets Lakema apart is the amazing friend and role-model she is to those around her. She loves taking every opportunity she can to visit schools, churches, communities and organizations to speak with young girls and their parents. Her kind heart and infectious personality have helped so many find comfort and bravery to discuss the real, and often challenging, issues that families face. 

For all these reasons and so many more, we couldn’t let Women’s History Month pass without inspiring the Spread Your Sunshine community by sharing Lakema’s story. Keep shining brightly, Lakema, you’re truly amazing!!

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