Krystal Whitten: National Women's History Month Spotlight

In honor of National Women's History Month, Spread Your Sunshine is highlighting female entrepreneurs and trailblazers who inspire us. Today’s positive inspiration is none other than Krystal Whitten. 

Krystal is a hand lettering enthusiast and designer who uses her passion for encouraging others to delight in God's word. She takes scripture and inspirational words and turns them into hand lettered works of art to comfort, encourage, and give hope. Her passion and dedication to her work shines throughout everything she does, so much so that Stationery Trends Magazine named Krystal a 2020 Designer to Watch, one of only ten artists to receive that distinction.

Beyond spreading joy through her products, Krystal champions the mentorship of up and coming artists, so much so that she is a leading industry guru to whom new mentees are frequently referred. In fact, Krystal recently helped us prepare to sell wholesale, get ready for (and get through!) our first trade show, and enroll in Paper Camp. Our small business has significantly benefited from Krystal’s selfless giving and investment of herself in others.

For all these reasons and so many more, Krystal is a trail blazing female entrepreneur paving the way for all those around her, especially women and girls. Way to go, Krystal!!

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