How to Spread Your Sunshine: KNOW Women Facebook Live Event

Spread Your Sunshine Founder Melanie S. Griffin, Esq. recently participated in a Facebook Live event hosted by the KNOW Women which was streamed on the KNOW Women's Supporting Community Facebook Group and the Spread Your Sunshine Facebook page. She was excited to share the following four tips regarding How to Spread Your Sunshine.

Practice Your Positive Mindset

Attaining a positive mindset is a practice. One way to obtain this frame of mind is to pause between activities. For example, before entering your office to start the morning or your home when you end the day, don't rush in. Instead, take thirty seconds to focus on the experience you want to create for your co-workers that day or your family that night. Channeling the effective leader or the caring parent before you enter the next space will help create the mindset needed for both and assist you and your colleagues or family members in having the best possible experience together.

Give Yourself and Others Grace

In other words, in addition to forgiving others, also remember to forgive *you*. So many times, we give others the benefit of the doubt while dwelling on every mistake we make.

Instead, do the following:

Ask “What do I wish had gone differently? What can I do to change such situation in the future?” Then, implement that plan of action and move forward. Dwelling on the past will not change what happened, nor will it make you a better person. Learning from the past is what will help you grow and create more positive experiences moving forward.

Uplift Others 

When you admire someone, share that message with them. Articulating how you feel about the people with whom you interact with will help establish closer professional and personal relationships. It also uplifts and positively impacts the life of the other person, as more often than not, they have no idea how awesome they are. Acknowledging the impact someone has had on your life will help them truly understand that they matter to you and will most definitely brighten their day.

Spreading Your Sunshine, Uplifting Others & Giving Grace is Even More Important Now

Given the significant stress our community is under as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, systemic racism that persists in America, divisive politics, and other injustices, the world needs sunshine now more than ever. Establishing personal connections, participating in one-on-one intentional dialogue, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and spreading joy to others is evermore critical to easing tensions and creating the positive change you wish to see in the world.

A complimentary playback of the Live Event can be viewed below or, join the KNOW Women Supporting Community Facebook Group to view the video and connect with other awesome female entrepreneurs.

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