Dr. Tory Haddad: Trail Blazer Spotlight

Now, more than ever, we need to come together in support of each other, especially our medical community. So, in honor of women who rock our world and heroes who don’t wear capes, we’re honored to spotlight Dr. Tory Haddad. And, we can think of no better way to honor her than to share her own words about her experiences practicing medicine during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tory stated in a social media post today, the day before her birthday, “I write this as I currently sit in a completely full ICU with my one N95 mask that I’ve been using every single day, 12-13 hours a day, for over a week, sitting in a brown paper sack with ‘Dr. Haddad’ written on it in black marker. It sits next to all of the other brown paper sacks with staff members’ names written on them.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that my hospital in particular is really trying to do everything possible to keep us safe. Today they implemented a mask disinfecting process where they will collect our brown paper sacks and take them to our sterile processing department where UV light is somehow used to ‘sterilize’ our masks so that we can reuse them for a few more weeks. Our microbiology lab even developed their own in-house rapid PCR test, which is truly an incredible accomplishment. Prior to yesterday, we had to send the swabs to the state lab in Lansing, Michigan for processing, which would often take up to 7 days to get results. 

The changes and innovations that have taken place during this pandemic are remarkable, but it does not change the fact that . . . we lost thousands of lives because of it. People’s loved ones will continue to die because of [a] slow and utterly inadequate response to this global crisis. . . .

If you disagree, please save your comments for someone else....unless, of course, you’d like to come work my 8-8 shift in the ICU tomorrow, on my birthday.”

On a personal level, Tory is not only a compassionate doctor, she is a loving fiancé, daughter, sister, and auntie, lights up a room like no other, makes everyone around her smile, is the life of the party, and a beautiful human who is cheered on by all those around her.

Dr. Haddad, thank you for being YOU and for *all* you are doing to selflessly care for and save others during this crisis. While we cannot take over your 8-8 for you tomorrow, we are sending you big virtual hugs and love inspiring the Spread Your Sunshine community by sharing your story. You, and the rest of our country’s healthcare professionals, are being kept in our thoughts and prayers over the continued long weeks to come. Sending you lots of birthday sunshine from Florida!

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