Cass Street Deli's Restaurant Relief Program

When Spread Your Sunshine's Founder, Melanie Griffin, was first connected with Roberto Torres, she was not very excited. Not only does she hate coffee, she failed to see how a man who owned six shops selling such caffeinated liquid could in any way help us spread our sunshine. Boy was she wrong. The lessons learned in that first mentoring session with Roberto continue to guide our business decisions to this day.

What we have learned from Roberto since such meeting is how to be incredible humans. Roberto is one of the rare gems on this planet who always gives selflessly to others. So, it is no surprise that this past weekend, he began a local Tampa Bay location of a Restaurant Workers Relief Program.

Everyday from 5 - 7 PM, any restaurant worker who is unemployed or has reduced hours can visit Cass Street Deli (‪1331 W. Cass St.) for 1 hot meal/person, no questions asked.‬ Updates and directions are posted at: ‪‬.

When Melanie agreed to help spread the word about this wonderful initiative, Roberto responded (in Roberto fashion), “Thank you for being such an amazing friend!” Roberto, it is you who is amazing. Thank you for being such an inspiring leader in Tampa Bay and well beyond. You’re our hero!

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