CARES Act 101 Complimentary Webinar

Listening to the needs of the Spread Your Sunshine community following our CARES Act 101 Webinar, we want to #ShineItForward™ by providing a complimentary complete recording of our presentation. Click on the video to learn more about the expanded EIDL loan, the creation of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) including the SBA guidance issued about the Program’s logistics, unemployment, stimulus checks, the Retention Tax Credit, the Families First Act, and more.


Need Some Additional Resources Sunshine?

To learn more about the resources discussed during this webinar, click on the following links to learn about what resources may best help you, your business or your non-profit: 

Small Business Administration (SBA) – Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Application

Small Business Administration (SBA) – Paycheck Protection Program SAMPLE Application Form

*Please contact your lender directly for more information on their specific application requirements 

Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP - COVID-19 Client Resources Center

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – Economic Impact Payments

The U.S. Department of Labor – COVID-19 and the American Workplace

Treasury Department – Coronavirus Task Force

Some of you offered to pay Spread Your Sunshine for this webinar, from the bottom of our hearts, *thank you.* Like all of you, COVID-19 is negatively impacting our business. But, you know what brightened our week? Helping YOU! So, if you are able to help us further #ShineItForward, please support your favorite local business or non-profit in the amount you would have paid Spread Your Sunshine for our webinar. 

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