Small Business Saturdays: Instagram Live Interview with Kiera Chocola

Spread Your Sunshine Founder Melanie Griffin recently participated in Small Business Saturdays on Instagram Live hosted by Kiera Chocola of Florida Retail Partners. During these uncertain times, Kiera began hosting Small Business Saturdays to help small businesses in the Tampa Bay Area promote their brands, gain helpful resources, and most importantly CONNECT! 

During Saturday morning's discussion, Kiera and Melanie spoke about Melanie's passion for mentoring young women and girls, and how this passion led to the creation of the Spread Your Sunshine movement and stationery line. In addition, Melanie provided helpful advice and resources to businesses who, much like Spread Your Sunshine, have pivoted their brand over the past several weeks and are beginning to plan for the future.

To listen to this interview and for additional tips and trends, click the video below.  

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