Inspirational Products - Place a Special Order

Engaging in random acts of kindness increases both the joy in your life and the recipient you inspire. While Spread Your Sunshine completes its online shop, place a special order for the following products by contacting Adriana at or (813) 410-2725:

     1.     Traditional Stationery Set of eight 4 x 6 individual cards and eight matching envelopes: This set retails for $16 and is perfect for the user who wants to send eight individual messages to eight individual recipients the traditional way (i.e., one card in one envelope addressed to an individual recipient).

     2.     #ShineItForward™ Stationery Set of four 4 x 6 cards with envelopes, four 5 x 7 cards with envelopes, and four “Who In Your Life Shines Brightly?” cards: This set retails for $22 and is perfect for the user who wants to send four #ShineItForward™ messages to four individual recipients the #ShineItForward™ way. It is the stationery that is unique to Spread Your Sunshine. While the user could use the eight cards the traditional way to send eight individual messages to eight individual recipients, the idea is that instead, the user encourages his/her recipients to #ShineItForward. The user will write his/her message on the 5 x 7 card and then enclose a blank 4 x 6 card, envelope, and clipped “Who In Your Life Shines Brightly?” card (paperclips included) explaining the #ShineItForward™ concept. The recipient then keeps the card addressed to him/her and uses the enclosed blank card to brighten the day of another awesome individual.

     3.     Individual #ShineItForward™ Stationery Set of one 4 x 6 card with envelope, one 5 x 7 card with envelope, and one “Who In Your Life Shines Brightly?” card: This set retails for $7 and is perfect for the user who wants to send a #ShineItForward™ message to an individual recipient the #ShineItForward™ way (described in #2 above).

     4.     Packages of 8 envelope seals: This package retails for $4 and includes two seals featuring each of the four following sayings: (a) Spread Your Sunshine; (b) Cheers! Your #1 Fan; (c) XOXO, Your #1 Fan; and (d) Love, Your #1 Fan.

     5.     Packages of 8 affirmation cards: This package retails for $5 and includes an affirmation card featuring each of the following sayings: (a) You are a game changer!; (b) You have amazing energy!; (c) You are impressive!; (d) You are changing the world!; (e) You always go above and beyond!; (f) Connecting with you was the highlight of my week!; (g) Thank you for your hard work, your efforts truly make a positive difference!; and (h) Thank you, your kindness totally brightened my day!.

Products #1 - #5 are available in the colors of the eight Collections featured below.

     6.     "What Glass Ceiling?" Desk Plate: This 8" adorable pink and white desk plate retails for $22 and features the following inspiring message to empower your favorite Trail Blazer: "What glass ceiling? Sunshine, you've shined beyond it! #ShineItForward™".

Orders may be paid for via credit card (via Venmo, the Cash App or Apple Pay), check or cash. Orders will be shipped via USPS the business day following receipt of your payment unless a faster shipment method is requested. When you place an order, let us know your preferred payment method and specific payment instructions will be provided with your invoice. If you have a SurSHE discount code, let us know so that it can be applied to your invoice.

Unopened, undamaged products may be returned at the cost of the purchaser for exchange or a full refund within 21 days of the date of purchase. Thereafter, all sales are final.

You placing an order with Spread Your Sunshine is so appreciated as is your patience with our current ordering process. Stay tuned for announcements about our online shop by registering for our mailing list (below). And, remember that together, we can #ShineItForward and build our community's confidence to shine beyond the glass ceiling. #SpreadYourSunshine