Challenging People To Do Better & Think Deeper with Nastassia Janvier

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Episode 9 of the Spread Your Sunshine Podcast & Social Media Show features Guest Expert Nastassia "Tazzy" Janvier, who discusses The Importance of Creating a Safe Space to Address Previously Broken Conversations.

Featured Guest Tazzy Janvier

Tazzy, the third Black female Student Body President at The Florida State University, is a game changer who challenges “people to be daring enough to think, ‘If not me then who.’” Her three-part process of awareness, accessibility and accountability makes her an effective influencer of positive social change. Beyond fighting equality injustices, Tazzy is passionate about helping her community achieve positive mental health. Hear about *all* of the ways this powerhouse is positively changing the world by listening to Episode 9 in its entirety. 

Key Discussions with Tazzy

Listen to Episode 9 to discover more about:

  • Learning from past challenges and using them to propel you forward to future success.
  • Overcoming loss, including how to cope with and overcome grief and related mental health issues.
  • Addressing diversity, equality and inclusion to create positive social changes and the relevance of historical contexts.
  • The importance of being intentional with the goals, dreams and projects on which you are working.
  • How to facilitate difficult, or “broken,” conversations.

Tazzy’s Advice for Creating Immediate Positive Change

  1. Be Focused and Have a Plan: Early in life, Tazzy’s father emphasized the importance of planning. Tazzy used this advice to overcome a move from Haiti, loss of family members, socio-economic issues, and more to eventually become Student Body Vice President and then President at The Florida State University. Analogously, by plotting your roadmap, you have the power to overcome past challenges and current issues to chase and fulfill *your* brightest dreams.
  1. Give Yourself Space: When grieving, mourning, or addressing additional mental health challenges, give yourself space if you need it. Oftentimes, you need time to process, heal, address family issues, and more. Allowing yourself time to work on *you* is critical to regaining your mental health.
  1. Be Intentional: Being *intentional* with your thoughts, words and actions is the difference between effecting meaningful change and achieving dreams and goals versus unintentionally allowing things to happen that may not be in the best interests of you and your community.
  1. Address the Hard Conversations: To create meaningful change and resolve tension, hard issues must be addressed. Although they can be difficult, that is not a reason to avoid them. Rather, safe spaces should be created to allow others to feel heard and for communities to move forward together. One way Tazzy facilitates such space is by hosting her Broken Conversations Podcast to vocalize thoughts and concerns about challenging issues, especially those facing women of color. Those who start such a show may want to use Website Visitor Identification to identify more details about who’s visiting their website to facilitate follow-up communications and continued discussions.

Full Show Materials

To listen to Episode 9 in its entirety, please click here or on the video above. For the transcript of Episode 9, click here.

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